Flicks & TV

Most recently (and happily), I was a semi-finalist for the Nickelodeon Script Writing Programme. This has reignited my desire to create TV comedy and drama, and as such I have already amassed numerous specs and original series ideas.

I studied Film & Video, which involved bribing people with cake to help me realise my narrative ideas. This was coupled with weekly visits from a lovely lecturer who showed us avant-garde videos by women who wore loose-flowing skirts in order to break into dance whenever they felt the need.

While once my dreams were to shamelessly rip off Hocus Pocus (while simultaneously being a Disney animator), they are now still to rip off Hocus Pocus, but make the zombie walk slowly up to the camera in haunting B&W à la Jacques Tourneur.

I love Film & TV equally, and would love to work in both fields.