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The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company

The brilliant Jaacq Hugo and I co-founded this award-winning theatre company, for which I’ve written, directed and produced several shows.

We first hit the Buxton Fringe in 2009, became a trio with the fabulous Laura Louise Baker in 2010, and have had a string of successful pieces across the UK since. Peaceful has seen a number of sold-out performances, while Back Door picked up two awards.

More recently, I’ve performed two one-man shows incorporating my love of folklore storytelling: A Curse of Saints and Mr Fox.


Photos by Dan Govan

Somewhere out there is a creature so terrifying, most humans dare not speak its name: the BISEXUAL. Horror B movie meets folklore storytelling, infused with poetry, and multimedia.

A brand-new, one-of-a-kind show from Buxton Fringe 2021 New Writing Award-winner, exploring life as a bi man, and the associated horrors.

Run time: 45 minutes


13th June, 8pm
The Glitch, 134 Lower Marsh, SE1 7AE
Tickets available here.

10th July, 10pm
23 July, 3.30pm
The Arts Centre, St John’s Rd, Buxton SK17 6BE
Tickets available soon.

Mr Fox

Polis Loizou as Lord Leander in a promotional image for 'Mr Fox'
Photo by Neil Munro

WINNER: Best New Writing (Buxton Fringe 2021)
NOMINEE: Best Production
NOMINEE: Best Actor

Be bold, be bold
But not too bold
Lest that your heart’s blood should run cold

Mr Fox is Polis Loizou’s one-man retelling of the wicked old folktale.

Fallen aristocrat Lord Leander is visited by a true crime blogger who wants to discover the truth behind an incident involving a former assistant.

Leander both evades and answers the questions by launching into the classic folktale of Mr Fox – in which Lady Mary, an intelligent and plucky young woman, discovers that her mysterious fiancé harbours a deadly secret…

“Expertly told […] deliciously dark”

Buxton Fringe review


5th – 12th August, 4.55pm
Venue 29: Paradise In The Vault

Tickets available here.

“Riveting […] any story told by him is likely to captivate”

Audience member, GrimFest

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British-occupied Cyprus, the 19th century. When a boy is found dead in an olive grove, his fellow villagers gossip about how he came to be there, and what might have killed him. A shepherd reveals his own suspicions. Since the arrival of the British, he’s been having visions and nightmares. As the omens escalate, along with sightings of an Anatolian woman’s ghost, the shepherd knows that death is nigh.

A one-man show written by and starring Polis Loizou.

“A masterclass in writing, staging, lighting, performance and  storytelling.

This chilling tale… literally had me on the edge of my seat.”

Nicholas Vince, patron of the London Horror Festival

“Enthralling storytelling.”

Fringe Guru on A Curse of Saints

“Sharp and glamorous”

Grumpy Gay Critic on Back Door

“Thrillingly tense and well acted”

British Theatre Guide on Peaceful

Awards & Nominations

  • BEST NEW WRITING (WON): Polis Loizou, Mr Fox (Buxton Fringe 2021)
  • BEST ACTOR (NOMINATED): Polis Loizou, Mr Fox (Buxton Fringe 2021)
  • BEST PRODUCTION (NOMINATED): Mr Fox (Buxton Fringe 2021)
  • JOHN BEECHER MEMORIAL AWARD (WON): Back Door (Buxton Fringe, 2014)
  • BEST COMEDY SHOW (WON): Back Door (Greater Manchester Fringe, 2014)


TellYours showcase at Battersea Arts Centre.
Photo by Tomáš D’Aradia.


I love getting in front of an audience to tell folktales from around the world. Though I can deliver a wide range of moods and styles, I do have a preference for the darker stories…

I have performed at festivals, in bookshops and even in a tower. I’ve even given talks to schoolchildren on folklore and storytelling.

While I can spin a yarn with nothing but myself on stage, I’ve also collaborated with experimental sound artists for evenings of multisensory fun.

You can watch me tell one of my favourite horrible little stories: The Fairy Follower.

Beware those good folk…

“Loizou has the most masterful
pacing to his stories”

Stephen Walker, Buxton Fringe


In 2021, I joined Nottingham’s GOBS Collective – a group of spoken word artists who offer exciting events and workshops. I was selected for their 12-week development programme, which culminated with a showcase. My piece was This, a video poem.

We then went on to create Full Moon, a collaborative spoken word performance, staged during Nottingham Poetry Festival in 2022.

I’ve only shared a few of my poems at local events (Spraybox at Hockley Hustle, and SMUT! Verbal Burlesque), but Full Moon gave me a taste of multimedia-based perofrmance poetry that I’m hungry to explore. Watch this space.

The Full Moon performance at Nonsuch Studios, Nottingham. (My poem starts at 15:30.)

Inn Crowd

In 2020 I was commissioned to write a biographical storytelling show as part of Inn Crowd – a great initiative to tour pieces to rural pub venues. The pandemic delayed this a bit, but my piece is now available for booking.

Polis Loizou’s Love Island

Life feels a bit like a movie when you grow up on The Island of Love. Especially when there is a vendetta being waged around you, brides are kidnapped from their homes under cover of night, and you find you have suspiciously famous ancestors. This is the Cyprus of Polis Loizou’s childhood, and he weaves it into an hour of funny, surprising, and unforgettable storytelling.

Past Performances

31st March, The Art Bank, Shepton Mallet
1st April, The Black Swan, Langport
28th May, The White Lion, Selling
18th June, First Light Festival, Lowestoft

Photo by Neil Munro

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